Double glazing doors and windows are crucial in keeping the interiors energy efficient and safe. Double glazing is a boon for homeowners with an unending number of benefits. However, double glazing might also get damaged, like every other door and window fitting. Significantly, if appropriately maintained, double-glazing fittings might be damaged. 

For double-glazing repairs in Worthing, contact professionals who can help you. 

Common problems of double glazing fittings

Most of the problems for double glazing are generally visible. For instance, rotted seals, cracked glasses, condensation between the two glass panes and leaking or faulty parts of the double-glazed fittings are usually visible. 

Invisible signs like whistling sounds during solid winds and drought-like feelings are a few problems that also suggest that your double-glazing fitting needs to be repaired. 

Stiff doors and windows 

Are you unable to open the double-glazed door or window? Sometimes, a faulty hinge or a sagginess in the pane can make the door or window stiff. Sometimes, due to excess exposure to moisture, the wooden frames of the doors and windows might swell up, causing tightness. You can try oiling the same; however, you should call a professional and get it repaired as soon as possible. 

Broken glass panes

If a part of the window or the door has been cracked or broken accidentally, then indeed, there’s some issue with the double-glazing window, and you need to contact the professionals for repair work. 

Fogged window 

If your double-glazed window is getting condensation on the outer panes, then it’s working properly. However, if condensation is being formed in the inner panes of the window, then you need to call the professionals for repair work. Condensation is a sign that the window seals have been damaged. 

Tips for double glazing maintenance 

Proper maintenance of double-glazing fittings will ensure that they last a lifetime and that you won’t have to bear excess repair costs. 

  • Vacuum and remove debris from the rails and tracks of the double-glazed fittings.
  • Select waterproof and weatherproof timber to construct frames 
  • Wash the frames occasionally with soapy water solutions 
  • Keep away the condensation from the window panes

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