Did you suddenly notice condensation between the glass panes of your double-glazed windows? It isn’t usually a massive problem. However, if it becomes repetitive, hire professionals to fix it. 

What is condensation?

Condensation is a liquid found as water droplets on glass panes. Vapour is converted into liquid to form condensation. If the temperature of the glass pane is lower than the humidity, condensation in the form of droplets gathers around the glass. 

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Why does condensation occur in double-glazed windows?

Condensation can occur in a double-glazed window for several reasons. If your double-glazed window is of poor quality, condensation might appear on it. You might also face this issue due to faults in the installation. When the quality of the seals attached to the glass panes gets damaged, you will notice condensation forming on the panes. 

How to remove condensation from double-glazing windows?

Use a dryer 

Using a dryer is a quick and smart way to remove condensation from the windows. Heating the glass panes with a hair dryer is an easy and affordable way to remove the water droplets. However, be mindful not to use too much heat, which might damage the glass panes beyond repair. This trick will work only if the condensation issue is temporary. 

Change the window panes

If the space between the double-glazed panes has been damaged, you need to hire professionals to replace it. If the damage is limited to a single window pane, change it. If there’s a rot in the frame, get it fixed. Once the window panes are changed, the condensation issue will be resolved. 

Hire professionals for clean-up 

Often, a simple professional clean-up process is enough to remove the condensation from the double-glazed windows. Contact professionals for the same. They will drill a hole at the top and bottom of the window. They spray a cleaning solution through the top and suck it out through the bottom. This process removes the condensation from the panes. 

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