If you have a double-glazing window installed on your premises, you will enjoy energy-saving benefits. The innumerable benefits of double-glazed windows have made them popular, especially among homeowners. People prefer using double-glazed windows over normal ones. 

However, if the double-glazed window gets damaged, what should you do? Can you repair it? Replacement is a costly affair, so homeowners refrain from the idea. There are a few situations when replacement is the only option left. 

Regarding repair or replacement, contact professionals in West Sussex for double glazing. 

What are the common double-glazing problems that can be repaired?

Leaking windows 

Leaks don’t necessarily mean that the double glazing is damaged. Due to improper installations or minor cracks, you might encounter leaks in the windows. This can be fixed, and there’s no need to replace the whole double-glazed window. The solution for leaks is simple: Get in touch with professionals. They will either seal the leaks or replace the frames to fix them.

Broken windows 

With time and continuous exposure to changing weather conditions, you might experience cracks on the window panes. Instead of replacing the whole double-glazed window, contact professionals for a partial replacement. You can also seal off the cracks with tape and use the window. 

Draughty windows 

Draughty windows generally result from poor insulation. To fix the draughts, you don’t need to completely replace the double-glazed windows. Instead, the professionals will replace the weatherstripping and caulk around the frames, which will improve the insulation process. 

Stuck windows 

If your double-glazed window is stuck, there might be corrosion or hardware problems in the tracks and hinges. When a window is stuck and neither opens nor closes, it disturbs the whole house. Instead of replacing it, professionals always advise first checking the tracks, cleaning them, and replacing the hinges if necessary. 

If you are facing these issues with your double-glazed windows, consider repair services instead of replacing them. Contact Sussex Windows Ltd for reliable and professional double-glazing repairs in West Sussex.

For complete assistance in double-glazing repairs, we have a team that can help you get guidance. We use modern-day tools to provide quality repair and replacement services for all double-glazing windows.