Do you have double-glazed windows in your home? Putting aside the aesthetic benefits, there are innumerable other benefits of installing double-glazing windows. However, a double-glazing window becomes old and gets damaged with time. 

When is the right time to change your double-glazing windows? When you notice that the double-glazing is not providing the benefits as promised, it’s time to replace it with a new double-glazing window.

Ensure that you approach the professional installers for new double glazing in West Sussex. Installing the double glazing properly is essential; otherwise, the window will be damaged beyond repair. 

Five signs that suggest that the old double-glazing window needs replacement 

Water leaks through frames

Double-glazing windows are installed to protect the water from sweeping inside the room. However, if you notice water leaking inside the room through the frames, there’s some problem with the frames. 

Water leaks suggest that either there are problems with the frames or issues with the installation of the panes. Contact a professional and get the window replaced immediately. 

Cracks on the window glass

Cracks or chips on the double glass pane are self-explanatory. It is a sure-shot sign that the window panes need to be replaced. If one of the panes among the double panes has been damaged, then you can ask the expert to replace the single pane. 

When the panes crack, the argon gas between the double panes starts leaking out. That’s when the window needs to be replaced with a new one. 

Condensation formation 

When condensation starts building up in the double-glazing windows, there’s undoubtedly some problem. It is uncommon for condensation to build up within the double glass panes. If the concession builds up, the gas cavity between the window panes hasn’t been sealed. Ask the professionals to replace the same permanently. 

Difficulty in opening and closing 

Are you facing problems opening and closing the double-glazed window? This issue can sometimes be caused by faulty hardware. However, there can be rots or warps on the window frames, which also calls for immediate replacement of the frame and the glasses. 

High electricity bills

The purpose behind installing high double-glazing windows is to ensure proper insulation within the property. However, if you incur high electricity bills, then the insulation feature of the window is not working. This calls for an immediate replacement of the double-glazing windows. 

If you need double-glazing window replacement, contact the experts of Sussex Windows Ltd. We provide reliable and professional double-glazing repairs and replacement services.