With double-glazing doors and windows, you can enjoy a peaceful living environment. Despite these benefits, if you notice noise coming inside through the double-glazed windows, there’s most likely some issue with your windows. Whether it has been damaged or wrongly installed – whatever the problem is, contact the professionals for double glazing repairs in Worthing

Here are a few reasons behind problems with double-glazing windows that damage the noise reduction feature of the windows.

Why is noise coming inside through my double-glazed windows?

Improper installation 

One reason behind noise entering the premises is the improper installation of the uPVC frames on the doors and windows. For instance, when the sealant is not applied correctly, or the frames are not fitted well, you may hear noises from outside entering the property. 

Insufficient sealing

Proper sealing is one of the most essential components of double-glazing frame installations. When the windows have poor sealing or the most minor gaps, the noise will become an inevitable part of the house. For optimal noise reduction, the double-glazing panes must be installed properly. Using superior quality sealing materials, you can easily cut off the noise and unwanted disturbances from the premises. 

Air leaks 

If air leaks in the soluble glazed windows, noise transmission is also possible. Air leaks can happen at any time without any prior warning. Hence, it would help if you kept checking the windows’ condition so the leaks can be repaired as soon as possible. 

Structural problems 

Again, if there are structural problems with the walls, leaks, gaps, or improper installation are possible. Through these openings, sounds might circulate. Through these gaps, noise and sounds are distributed in and out of the property. This makes it difficult for the inhabitants to enjoy a peaceful life. 

Changing weather conditions

Changing weather conditions also affect the quality of the double-glazed windows and doors. Small gaps can occur on the window frame when the windows are exposed to extreme cold or hot weather conditions. Under such situations, noise will circulate within the interiors. 

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